The Science Park

The Science Park

On Foundation of the Science Park of KSMA “Maritime Industry Innovations”

  On February 21, 2019 the Science Park of Kherson State Maritime Academy “Maritime Industry Innovations” was founded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine according to the Order no. 237.

  The co-founders of the institution are Kherson State Maritime Academy and Marlow Navigation – strategic partners, which have implemented a range of projects aimed at extension of education and training facilities of the Academy and development of the sponsorship cadet program for a total amount of about 31 million USD within 12 years. As a result, KSMA has become an exemplary Ukrainian institution of higher education that has successfully integrated into the European educational and scientific environment and nowadays is continuing to obtain new possibilities for efficient use of the available scientific potential as well as material and technical facilities in order to commercialize scientific research outcomes and implement them at the native and international markets.

  Science Park is an organization that coordinates the flow of knowledge and technologies between universities, scientific research institutions, companies and markets. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Science Parks”, its main functions are as follows:

  • creation of new types of innovation product, realization of activities as to commercialization of them, organization and support of science-based production that is competitive in domestic and international markets;
  • engaging students, graduates, post-graduates, researchers and staff of a higher educational establishment and/or scientific institution in development and implementation of projects of science park;
  • organization of training, advanced training and professional enhancement of specialists necessary for the development and implementation of projects of science park;
  • raising and utilization of venture (risk) capital in its activity, support of science-based production;
  • development of international and domestic cooperation in scientific and technical as well as innovative activities, assistance in attracting foreign investments.
  • performance of other functions permitted by the legislation of Ukraine.

 В  There are hundreds of higher education establishments, but there were created only 26 science parks in Ukraine. Therefore the staff of Kherson State Maritime Academy is grateful to Marlow Navigation for the opportunity to efficiently implement innovations and expand scientific and educational capacity of the institution. The science park is a kind of bridge between science and practice that provides benefit for participants of educational process, researchers and enterprises.

  The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has approved the list of priority activities of the Science Park of Kherson State Maritime Academy “Maritime Industry Innovations” as follows:

  1. Fundamental and applied scientific investigations concerning the most significant issues in development of scientific and technical, social and economic as well as human potential for ensuring global competitiveness of Ukraine and its sustainable development as a marine state.
  2. Conducting of scientific research and creation of developments in shipping and marine transportation, competitive in the domestic and global markets.
  3. Implementation of innovative technologies of education and simulator training for crew of marine vessels, which are oriented to appliance of competency-based approach in training of maritime professionals and compliance with the requirements of international regulatory documents specifying such training.
  4. Foundation of decision support systems and training facilities in order to enhance safety of shipping in the state.
  5. Investigation of automated devices in navigation and ship engineering, development of respective software and control devices.
  6. Conducting of scientific research in the area of new composites in order to meet the requirements of ship-building sector.
  7. Conducting of scientific research regarding improvement of economic and ecological results in functioning of ship power plants and electromechanical systems.
  8. Investigation of environmental protection issues in marine transport operation.
  9. Publication of scientific achievements, contribution to enhancement in exchange of scientific and technical information and academic staff, bringing the native science to the international level.
  10. Scientific and technical expertise of innovative projects and expert assessment of emergency situations in marine transport.

  The staff of Kherson State Maritime Academy spares no effort in making the establishment gain reputation of the most powerful centre of maritime education and science in Europe. Foundation of the Science Park “Maritime Industry Innovations” is a significant step on the way to this aim.